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Qigong is a sport based concept of authentic ancient Chinese knowledge practice which utilises breath work and body movement to enhance combined functions of the body and mind as a self assist health maintenance therapy. Origins that rose for the need of better health and defence ability. Utilizing the sciences that govern physics and laws of nature; amplified by the study of Chinese medicine makes for a complex yet achievable health assist system. Movements are deeper than “what the eye sees” surface exercise. Movement working on the connectors that enable better body ability. Proven success is found in its long term recorded histology as well as the number of nations doing it on a daily basis. Medical journals have proven results but cannot explain its rationale for success. It works, it gets results, is as old as time immemorial, it’s simple, easy to do and accessible. At IKLWC we offer Daoist Qigong and Health/Active Qigong both fall under Qigong as a style.

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