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Self-Care Movement

Self-Care Movement is in all aspects of Kung Fu to obtain and maintain Health & Wellness. Kungfu has external and internal styles; example Qigong, & Tai Chi.

1MindBodyFitness class times etc.


Choose between in-person events and 24/7 online course access to fit into your busy life.

Beginner Classes

Classes In-Person Cape Town

Tai Chi Quan

Tai Chi Lessons

with Dr. Jeff Lan

Every Wed 6.30 pm – 60 min

cosmic meditation qigong

Cosmic Meditation Qigong

with Dr. Jeff Lan

Every Wed 5.30 pm – 60 min

wing chun

Wing Chun Lessons

with Dr. Jeff Lan

Every Tues 4.30pm – 60 min

Explore Health Qigong

SA Health Qigong
sa health qigong
tai chi broad sword dr jeff lan

“What is 1MindBodyFitness? We didn’t invent the wheel; we simply made life simpler and user-friendly. Authentic Wisdom & Knowledge for a New Age. Put in a Useful And Approachable Way. Optimal Benefit, Simple Strategies Broken Down Into Actionable Insights."

Dr Jeff Lan

Tai Chi and Qigong are all at the foundation of 1Mind Body Fitness Self Care & Work-Life Programs. Both connect and positively influence the body’s physical responses, alleviating stress and enhancing calm, body, and mental relaxation. Implementing the “Keep the Mind in One” principles.


"These programs, in a nutshell, integrate both theories with practice. And… the ability to coexist in the human-nature relationship, and the ability to activate and render continuous health through simple yet natural activities."

Amanda Lan

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