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气功 QIGONG 气功

Medical journals have proven results but cannot explain its rationale for success. It works, it gets results, is as old as time immemorial, it’s simple, non-invasive, non-denominational, easy to do and accessible.


The Health Qigong programs are taught in private sessions, in group sessions also online.


Qigong is vital to all forms of training at IKLWCentre. Choose the style you wish to start with.


IKLWCentre programs for instructors and aspiring instructors to obtain International merit. 

Training Both Public & Instructors

Train for health improvement and maintenance. Cater to all levels. Qualify as a national and international coach.

SAHQA – South African Health Qigong Association

Established 2011 under the banner of the International Kim Loong Wushu Centre (IKLWC).

Shirfu Dr. Jeff Lan is requested and sanctioned by the International Health Qigong Federation (IHQF) to establish a local leg; the South African Health Qigong Association (SAHQA).

Accredited Instructors

Left to right. Mandla Dolosi, Jaren Philips, Jeronimo De Los Rios, Head coach Dr. Jeff Lan (6th & 4 Duan), Amanda Lan, Johan De Goede, Narcisse Sadi, Mike Henry, Bridget Lloyd, Adriana Jamisse.

SA Certified International Health Qigong Technical Coaches under Beijing China. 7 South Africans, 1 Columbian, 1 Congolese, 1 Mozambiquan.

Become an International Health Qigong Instructor

IKLWC & SAHQA is officially recognised by Beijing to train, teach and qualify nationally and internationally.

To register for SAHQA and IHQF duan exams the player must be an associate member, have trained in the required set forms, must have acquired minimum hours with each routine.


气功 QIGONG 气功

Qigong is for all ages. Trained and validated for over 3000yrs.
Qigong is unique in its methods
in obtaining results.

Train under the top qualified
Chinese martial art coaches,
TCM professors and doctors from
around the world.

Qigong implements Traditional
Chinese Medicine, laws of nature & 5 Element theory for success.

Qigong maintains overall health.
Mind, body and daily health.
Can be done seated, standing, bedridden or wheelchair bound.

PointersTraining Qigong enhancing exercise helps us maintain our youthful vigour and enhanced health.

Qigong is everywhere socially. Cartoons, nature, daily activity and awareness. It has already penetrated social enviroments.



Acknowledging the vast health benefits that arise from the practice of Qigong, various specialist practitioners and academics in China collaborated to research the many movements, techniques, and applications, using modern fields of study applicable to sports science such as physiology and kinetics.

These specialists chose and combined various movements that were easier to perform and had very good health benefits, and also tested the effects using modern scientific procedures.

From this research, they formulated routines that were simple or easy to learn, with rational flow, accessible to as many as possible, young and old.

Health benefits:

  • Increase muscle strength and flexibility

  • Improve lower back pain

  • Encourage blood circulation

  • Helps combating stress and depression

  • Better functioning of internal organs, beneficial to people suffering from Diabetes, Heart Problem, and Kidney problems

  • Reduce high blood pressure

  • Improvement on mental attitude and power of perception as well as overall physical fitness

  • Improvement on flexibility of joints, thus beneficial to people with Arthritis.

  • Reduce the loss of Calcium thus improve bone density, thus beneficial to people suffer from Osteoporosis

  • The cardiovascular and respiratory functions are markedly improved.

Training modern & classic benefits:

  • Daoist Qigong
  • Liu Zi Jue (6 healing sounds to stimulate vitality & health)
  • Ba Duan Jin (8 aspects of health care)
  • Yi Jin Jing (exercise to strengthen muscle & tendon)
  • Wu qin xi ( 5 animal play for overall health)
  • Shir er duan jin (12 sequence)
  • Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong  (advanced)
  • Many more advanced level routines.

Note we certify both locally and internationally accordingly.

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