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Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Daoist Qigong,

Health Qigong, TCM & Philosophy

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Due to Cohvid19 all lessons are conducted both face to face and as online sessions.

Mind, Body, Fitness

Self-care concepts to re-align daily discord and nourish YinYang balance.

Due to Cohvid19 lessons are both face to face and online until further notice.

Subscription Fees 

Payment online is a Subscription-based payment system using recognised secure payment platforms. PayFast in South Africa.

1 Lesson R150


Subscribe 12 x R750 p/m


Subscribe 6 x R950 p/m


Subscribe 3 x R1150 p/m


How To Start Training

Conserve, Replenish, Activate Vitality

Training online with us is an in-depth step-by-step process. Our aim is to break down the basic fundamentals; which is key to understanding the building blocks, which elevate ability and knowledge; allowing for progressive growth.

In one phrase, this program teaches you the theory and practice of Energy, Life-Enhancement, and Prevention Medicine.

Our course outlay is fairly simple.

One should always start at the beginning to ensure, a progressive understanding, to arrive at a logical, and applicable phase of each step.

To start any program; you will need to start with the basics, such as the courses, “how to” lessons. In order to do tai chi, meditate, or learn to heal; be it the self or others; your basic knowledgeability needs to be amplified. The techniques in these programs are geared toward an assist, to both self-healing the healer or practitioner, allowing the ability to heal without loss of vitality.

Become a well-rounded practitioner of not only skills-based content but amplifying your ability. Keep yourself updated as we release content related to, TCM also referred to as Traditional Chinese Medicine and philosophy (which is integrated into specific related course topics).

We welcome your journey with us.

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