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Martial Arts

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Whaaat? Ugggh

I cannot pronounce the word. Let alone understand the idea and concept.

Acupuncture? Whaaat!

A 3000yr old tried & tested healing method to rebalance, improve health. One of many TCM methods and the most powerful. A tiny needle; diameter size, a single pore in the skin.

Qigong? OMG!

Movement which harminozes you within many facets toward healthy ways. Tai Chi is one form of qigong. A “how to do” in saving, replenishing, guarding & using your vitality.

Kung fu? Really!

A natural use and amplification of body ability and protential. Kung fu is wushu & vice versa. A “how to do” in self defence within all aspects from mental, physical and general health.

Faith Based? Hmmm!

NO! It’s a cultural and natural science based concept. It does amplify self healing, re-connection and understanding personal and community based human and nature dynamics. Success rate is excellent.

Dress Code? Jeez!

Dress is specific. Besides hygiene; loose fitting attire is specific. The skin is an organ too; we train with this in mind. Flat soled shoes. Balance and posture is a 99% factor toward health accomplishment.

Not So Fit? Scoff!

Train by class; accomplishments are individual. No two persons are alike. Fit and good health differ. First focus is good health; the rest follows and is easily accomplished. Our purpose is to assist and enable.

The Integration of the Sciences behind Chinese Medicine and Authentic Classical Knowledge Systems.

If you like what we do and want to know more

Acupuncture Treatment 针灸

Treats Serious to Minor Ailments. 100% Natural. An extensive clinical usage history. Excellent safety record. Acupuncture is a reasonable complementary treatment for most diseases and conditions.

Train Chinese Matial Arts 少林 功夫

Shaolin Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Qigong aka Wushu aka Chinese Martial Arts appeal to all ages, male, female, fitness level and is non invasive. Chinese martial arts can be a Sport and it can be Therapy in Exercise.

What our customers say

Experiences as students and or patients with us.

“Internal martial arts is not an easy journey, but is life changing once you learn to let go, to trust the journey, accept the guidance offered and make this a part of your everyday life. It is an honour ….” Bridget Lloyd | Student, Instructor, Patient

“…. The emotional, spiritual and physical journey to bring my beautiful, healthy and happy daughter into this world has been worth every step. Thank you for walking this journey with me.” Sharon Knight| Acupuncture Patient

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